Monday, 30 March 2009

40 Things girl should know about boy

  1. A guy can like u for a minute 'n then forget u afterwards

  2. Guys maybe flirting around all day but before they go to sleep, they always think about the girl they truly care about

  3. When a guy really likes u, he'll disregard all your bad characteristic

  4. Guys go crazy over a girl's smile

  5. Guys hate it when u talk about your ex-boyfriend

  6. Guys cry

  7. Guys can never dream n hope too much

  8. When u touch a guy's heart there's no turning back

  9. Guys go crazy when a girl touch their hand

  10. Guys are good flatterers when courting but they usually stammer they talk to a girl they really like

  11. When a girl says "no", a guy hears it as "try again tomorrow"

  12. Guys love their mom

  13. If a guy tells u he loves u once in a lifetime, he does

  14. A guy often thinks about the girl who likes him but this doesn't mean that the guy likes her

  15. Guys are very open about themselves

  16. No guy is bad when he is courting

  17. A guy finds way to keep u off from linking with someone else

  18. Guys can't keep secrets the girls tell him

  19. Guys' fantasies are unlimited

  20. Girls' height doesn't really matter to a guy but her weight does

  21. A guy has to experience rejection, b'coz if he's too-good-never-been-busted, never been in love 'n hurt, he won't be mature 'n grow up

  22. When a guy pretends to be calm, check if he's sweating. U'll probably see that he's nervous

  23. When a guy loves u, bring out the best in him

  24. If a guy starts to talk seriously, listen to him

  25. If a guy has been kept shut or silent, say something

  26. Guys like femininity not feebleness

  27. Guys love girls who can cook or bake, they'll love u regardless

  28. A guy's friend knows everything about him. Use this to your advantage

  29. Guys are more talkative than girls are especially when the topic is about girls

  30. Guys really think that girl are strange 'n have unpredictable decisions

  31. Guys don't care about how shiny their shoes are, unlike girls

  32. Guy's weakest point is at the knee

  33. Any guy can handle his problems all by his own. He's just too stubborn to deal with it
  34. When a guy looks at u, either he's amazed by u or he's criticizing u
  35. When u catch him cheating on u 'n he asked for a 2nd chance, give it to him. But when u catch him again 'n he asks for another chance, ignore him
  36. Guys love u more than u love them. If they are serious in your relationship
  37. Guys seek for advice not from a guy but from a girl
  38. When a guy tells u he can't sleep if he doesn't hear your voice even just for one night, hang up. He also tells it to another girl
  39. U can tell if a guy is really hurt or in pain where he cries in front of u
  40. Guys learn from experience not from the romance books that girls read


Hi everyone, how're u doing?
Sorry for hiding for a while, i was just so lazy to write on.............
And now i come up with new energy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Few days ago i just realize that i'm 18 (hey, where've u been?)..
I know it's just too late, but never think that growing up can be as hard as this..
From now on i'm gonna be who i am & face it with my head held high..

I honestly don't know what d hell i'm talking about??????????????????????

Ciao Fellas........

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

20 Things Boy Doesn't Know About Girl

  1. There's no such things as too many shoes
  2. We love hugs. It may sound cheesy or whatever but it's true. We like being close to u
  3. All we want to know is u think we are pretty. Don't forget to tell us
  4. Girls will not seat on any toilet outside their own home or five star hotel
  5. The most painless way to end an argument is Let her win
  6. When a girl plays with your hair, it sometimes means she majorly flirting with u
  7. All girls think they're smarter than her partners in some significant way
  8. If u have something to hide, she'll find it
  9. On a first date, girl never order what they really want
  10. More than a half surveyed females between 18&25 would prefer to be run over by truck than be fat
  11. When a girl tells u her problem, she doesn't want u to offer solutions
  12. If your girlfriend is mad at u, give her free time to cool off. Then come up with a cute way to say sorry, like putting roses in her locker with a little sticky way note that say "sorry baby"
  13. A little teasing is fine, but make they know u are joking
  14. We don't intentionally try n make jealous but we do think it's cute when u are
  15. If u ask out a girl n she says "let me think about it" or "i don't know". Then she really think about it. Don't ask her again that day, but don't wait so long. She'll think it was a joke or u forgot
  16. When it's come to call a girl, try opening with something sweet, like "hey sweetheart" or "i miss u today"
  17. Don't take a girl to a concert u really want to see, she'll just want to leave early
  18. Once in a while, let us pick the movie n don't complain about it
  19. Girls think it's funny when u act gay as long as they know u're not
  20. Buying a present for your girlfriend? She'll hate it if she finds out u took along another girl to help pick it up

Friday, 20 March 2009

My Favourite Fashion Icon

Blair Waldorf!!!!!
Her character maybe isn't really nice, but her fashion sense is super kawaii..
Yes, her style is preppy,chic, and girly.. Her hair is always polish..
Well, i might not copy her style b'coz it's so Upper Eastside.. Just imagine i have money for style like that..


Thursday, 19 March 2009

Favourite Poem

When The Sun Come After Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson
WHEN the sun comes after rain
And the bird is in the blue,
The girls go down the lane
Two by two.
When the sun comes after shadow
And the singing of the showers,
The girls go up the meadow,
Fair as flowers.
When the eve comes dusky red
And the moon succeeds the sun,
The girls go home to bed
One by one.
And when life draws to its even
And the day of man is past,
They shall all go home to heaven,
Home at last.
This poem remind me to one of the student @ my school that had passed away on monday evening.... It was reaaally shocking.. Even i don't know him but it made feel me sad.. He is 12 grade just like myself.. I feel sorry for him..
May Allah Swt & angels keep him well..

Monday, 16 March 2009

Quote of the day

"Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for; but, rather something to be achieved. "
~William Jennings Bryan~

Love Quote Part II

"There is no difficulty that enough love will not conquer;no disease that enough love will not heal;no door that enough love will not open;no gulf that enough love will not bridge;no wall that enough love will not throw down;no sin that enough love will not redeem...It makes no difference how deeply seated may be the trouble;how hopeless the outlook; how muddled the tangle; how great the mistake.A sufficient realization of love will dissolve it all.If only you could love enough you would bethe happiest and most powerful being in the world..." --Emmet Fox---

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hidden beautiful lake

I never knew that in my beloved city has a beautiful hidden lake until my friends & I went there to make some video......
When d first time i saw this, awesoooooooooome.......
See, how clear is d water with sensation of white sand...
It was perfect!!!!!!!!
Unfortunately d weather wasn't really good so we couldn't stay there longer... Wanna return there asap...

Ciao Bella, XOXO.....

Hang out with some pals

Here I am!!!!!!!!!!! Hanging out with some pals....

I'm gonna tell u the truth..

I barely do this thing, b'coz i just hang out when i wanted to go shopping.. LOL!!!!!!

But, ohhhh Gosh.........

My tummy looks so big seems like i need some exercise...

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Two days Shopping

I had spent so much money last weekend..
Two days shopping was almost made me broke..
U know what i bought last weekend?
1. Printed high waisted skirt
2. Harem Pants which i wear on the picture
3. So many-many dvds
4. Two magazines
5. Best buy ever!!!! Gorgeous shoes with 20% off discount

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

"To Die For"

Why do i call them "to die for" dress & shoes?
Not only they are nice but they are also very comfy on me..
The price doesn't matter for me, it doesn't have to be designer label to be "to die for"..
As long as it looks nice on me & i feel confidence wearing those clothes..