Saturday, 12 September 2009

How's College?????

Just like people in upper east side.. I , myself has started my college life too.. As Blair goes to NYU, Serena goes to Brown and I go to TSM..
Is there anybody who doesn't know TSM??
Alright, i've told u once and i'mma tell u once again..
It's Trisakti School of Management...
And here are some of my new besties pics..
Let's have a look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wulan said...

cie cieee anak kuliahan..
aw aw.
hihi :P

Risyaa♥ said...

heey i'm blogwalkiing. wanna exc linkk? ♥

ONiC said...

asikk nihh. gimanaa? dah ketemu? hihihi..
gimana kuliah so far?

anis said...

risyaa : sure thing sweety

onic : blum niy, masih kenalan2 dulu, mudah2an secepetnya.. LOL!!!!! Anyway so far sgt menikmati suasana baru dan teman2 baru

Risyaa♥ said...

udah di link yyaa.. :] thankie.

ohh about the question, i WISH to be a professional but i don't think it's going to be exactly my field.

slavenia said...

kangen dhe am anis heheh :)