Saturday, 10 October 2009

Stop Whining

Hello again all pretty ladies in this lovely universe.. I'm in a bad mood when i wrote this, i don't know why does everything seems so screwed up and i've been in a bad mood for days..
Okay maybe all of u have known tat am a freshmen in college & am still in (what so so called) adaptation period from senior high 2 college life.. But all of d assignment has make me want to vomit all d subject tat i've accepted.. I know I sounds pathetic but thiz is what i feel..
In Addition one of my old friend came from Jogjakarta only for a nite but i cud't meet her b'coz i had to attend Accounting class..
And all my friend may think am such a bad friend coz i forgot their b'day.. I apologize to all chikaz am not forgetting u guys i juz can't handle thiz situation
U can through d storm princess juz chill out & gimme some pose!!!! =D


ONiC said...

aww i really do understand how that feels. just stay strong, it would be better. and keep it up!
you look lovely as always :]

sweetest girl from the tropic said...

i love this blog but i have know i idea why i cud't open it. anyway i've made a new one

Majalah Masjid Kita said...

nope.. you don't sound pathetic at all :) to be honest.. you're greater than you think you are :)

mbak :) FLP (Forum Lingkar Pena) Jakarta kini tengah membuka pendaftaran anggota baru untuk Angkatan ke-16, mungkin mas/mbak mau join.. silahkan dan terimakasih :)